About Us

Introducing the new face of Architecture and Interior design - InDesign! We are an Architecture & Interior firm based out of Hyderabad, India.

At InDesign, we provide a complete end to end Design Services in Architecture, Interior Design and Build Consultancy. You will be provided with a Hassle Free Design solutions by a team of Designers & Architects, serving Local and Global clients alike.

We offer our Design services for Apartments, Residences, Office Spaces and Commercial Buildings located anywhere in the city. Our team will help you Design and Build the Dream Project / Home without the hassle of running back and forth between builders and designers, without paying extra for services and in the undeviating time possible.

Our services include Design, Planning, Build and Project Management of your entire dream project. You will work together with our team to envision your Dream Home, first through a 3D views followed by Design Proposals & Development at every stage of project to ensure that the outcome matches your vision.

All we need are your Choice of preferences and Budgetary requirements, and the Project Execution is left up to us.

Indesign offers you a quality and efficiency project, and provide you a one-stop solution for all your Architecture & Interior Design needs.

With InDesign, you can be assured that your dream Home will be envisioned, planned and executed within your stipulated time and budget to achieve the sleek, sophisticated and beautiful end result of your dream home.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Manoj Kothari

Sri. Manoj Kumar is a Computer Science Engineer from Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University, having total industry experience of 16 years & 13 years of experience in real estate development & construction industry.

Principal Architect & CEO

Triveni is an Architect from JNTU, Hyderabad. Having a total experience of 15 years in Architecture & Interiors. As the design lead on many projects, drives design excellence from concept design through detailed documentation across all studio projects.

Mr. Pramod Kumar K
Senior Interior Designer

Experienced Design professional in Architecture & Interiors with 18 years of expertise in Residential, Office & Hospitality Projects with 7 years of comprehensive experience in Interior Fit-out & Construction industry correlated to Singapore. International Expertise in Construction & Project Management at Singapore and Design Management expertise related to India, USA & Canada.