About Us

Introducing the new face of Architecture and Interior design - InDesign! We are an Architecture & Interior firm based out of Hyderabad, India.

At InDesign, we provide a complete end to end Design Services in Architecture, Interior Design and Build Consultancy. You will be provided with a Hassle Free Design solutions by a team of Designers & Architects, serving Local and Global clients alike.

We offer our Design services for Apartments, Residences, Office Spaces and Commercial Buildings located anywhere in the city. Our team will help you Design and Build the Dream Project / Home without the hassle of running back and forth between builders and designers, without paying extra for services and in the undeviating time possible.

Our services include Design, Planning, Build and Project Management of your entire dream project. You will work together with our team to envision your Dream Home, first through a 3D views followed by Design Proposals & Development at every stage of project to ensure that the outcome matches your vision.

All we need are your Choice of preferences and Budgetary requirements, and the Project Execution is left up to us.

Indesign offers you a quality and efficiency project, and provide you a one-stop solution for all your Architecture & Interior Design needs.

With InDesign, you can be assured that your dream Home will be envisioned, planned and executed within your stipulated time and budget to achieve the sleek, sophisticated and beautiful end result

InDesign Studio is promoted by Aakriti Housing, one of the reputed companies engaged in the business of construction. Aakriti Housing has delivered more than 20+ lacs SQFT of space across 10+ Gated Community projects with another 40+ lac SQFT in ongoing/upcomning projects.

Why Us

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Customer Focus

Our main focus is on designing customer-centric homes. We strive to design living spaces that will significantly improve the quality of life for individuals and families, by setting high standards.

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Our Designs

We provide Smart, Sensible & Future-ready Design Solutions to our customers. Customers will be provided with latest innovative practices being followed worldwide so that they can chose the design as per their requirements.

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No Double standards

At Indesign, we provide whatever is chosen by the customer. We don’t cut the specification during execution phase which were agreed during design phase of the project. You can be rest assured that you get whatever you have decided to chose as per your cost. At Indesign, we equally ensure not to have any hidden charges.

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On-time Delivery & Installation

Timely delivery is our foundation principle and we are strongly committed for the same.

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Post-sales Support

At Indesign, we do provide Post sales support as per our agreed terms. All the warranties committed during design phase shall be honoured without any need for prolonged follow up from our customer.


To build luxury homes at the lowest price possible with integrity and honesty.


To be a dynamic, dependable, diligent and disciplined organization providing value to all our stakeholders.

Company Culture

Good people are attracted to good companies. The culture of a company speaks a lot about how it will fare in the future. People want to work for a company that’s honest and trustworthy. They also look for a company that believes in growing along with their customers by making money only when their customers benefit—which is precisely what Indesign works to achieve every day. Indesign has emerged as an esteemed Architecture and Interior Design firm designed to provide the utmost quality to its clients.
We attract good employees thereby delivering the quality that we promise to our clients. We are also backed by years of experience to bring a strategic yet personalized approach to interior design and architecture. What our clients expect is what we give. But that is not all, we at Indesign also believe in going beyond expectations for customer delight. After all this is why we get highly recommended!
We think that a great work environment is a breeding ground for genuine friendships. Employees will eventually have a better mutual understanding and will be able to provide excellent services to our clients. For the past 14 years, we have designed people’s dream homes with this very culture which starts right at the top.
Our company tries to engage with employees that share common goals. Our team thinks that when employees are in the right environment, they’re more energized and motivated to achieve business and performance goals. Keeping in mind that Innovation is to grow and be successful; our creative team focuses on shaping the “future of interior design” through technology and continued innovation.
We have observed at Indesign that our Employees want to be pushed and challenged so they can learn, grow, and evolve. To make this process fun, our company creates opportunities to regularly engage our employees in fun activities to level down their stress levels. When employees have opportunities to share their experiences, ideas, and suggestions for improvement, they feel valued and contribute their 100% for the company’s development. We find new solutions to tackle every problem that comes our way, and people develop unity, which is critical for growth.
We try to put extensive effort into employee team building and culture promotion. Indesign instils company values in every employee. With happy employees and satisfied clients, Indesign has become Hyderabad’s well known Architecture and Interior Design firm, well known for its value system; a win-win situation for both our employees as well as our customers.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Manoj Kothari

Sri. Manoj Kumar is a Computer Science Engineer from Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University, having total industry experience of 16 years & 13 years of experience in real estate development & construction industry.

Principal Architect & CEO

Triveni is an Architect from JNTU, Hyderabad. Having a total experience of 15 years in Architecture & Interiors. As the design lead on many projects, drives design excellence from concept design through detailed documentation across all studio projects.

Mr. Pramod Kumar K
Senior Interior Designer

Experienced Design professional in Architecture & Interiors with 18 years of expertise in Residential, Office & Hospitality Projects with 7 years of comprehensive experience in Interior Fit-out & Construction industry correlated to Singapore. International Expertise in Construction & Project Management at Singapore and Design Management expertise related to India, USA & Canada.